van der Wulp

Film, Television & Stage Actor


About Frank

I'm a British/Dutch actor who grew up in Italy and is now based in Berlin, Germany. 

With a foundation of 4 years of improv theatre experience, I enrolled and graduated from Mulholland Academy, where I was trained in the Lee Strasberg method, the Meisner technique and took classes in comedy and voice to name a few. Since then, I have accumulated a healthy experience in on-stage theatre productions, as well as roles in films. 

I have always had broad interests but maintained a strong fascination with the arts. Having majored in psychology at university, I was fortunate to be able to study creative writing and film alongside it. To this day I remain a keen writer, musician and singer.


My native mother tongue is English, with a wide repertoire of accents and dialects. I'm also fluent in Dutch and Italian.

If you’d like to learn more about me, get in touch.



Amsterdam, NL

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