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Why Did I Follow This Path?

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In a global sphere where humanity works as a collective of bees for an inexistent queen that is created by the people themselves. A slave to our own creation, be it religion or the economy, that causes us individual suffering in order to gain a collective notion of progress. There is a disconnection to the basic principles of what makes life worth living. To collective or individual happiness or success if you will. I have found that this thought, personal understanding has led to a certain apathy to many conventional routes to follow.


I have learned that what will give me the most satisfaction is to make the most of the machine we exist in. It is impossible to alienate yourself from this machine on the pursuit of happiness. We are social creatures. We cannot thrive without each other. However, it is simultaneously because of each other that we suffer. Personally, I have found the answer lying within storytelling. The freedom, learning, emotion, thought and transcendence that accompanies the sharing of ideas, stories or conversation is what drives humanity forward in a positive manner. United in a reinforcing framework.


I see much wrong with the world. Socially, environmentally and politically. However, in order to cause an optimistic transformation from those woes, I feel I need to hone my skills in storytelling while I am young. Perfect the skills that allow you to reach the attention of the masses that can cause change where they feel most comfortable and secure. Through art, film, music, scripture, dance and comedy. These are the fields that humanity listen to most because they speak not only from a moral place, but also emotional. A universal language.


A good storyteller is a person that can make a change. A good storyteller is a person who has become wise. A good storyteller is someone who has lived.